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Wealth Planning & Investment Structuring

The financial coaching you need to achieve your goals

Wealth is perhaps the best possible problem to have, but it's still a problem. You've worked hard to earn what you have, but how do you manage and protect it? How do you continue to grow your wealth, protect your assets, and secure your legacy?

Our mission at DeWitt PLLC is to find creative wealth planning solutions that help our clients achieve their personal and business goals. Our wealth management expertise includes:

  • Structuring, formation, and operation of U.S. and non-U.S. investments, including private equity funds, hybrid funds, and funds-of-funds
  • Establishment of separately managed account arrangements
  • Estate planning with tailored business continuity plans

We have a wide variety of wealth planning tools available to us, including extensive experience in tax law, as well as numerous professional contacts in the United States and around the world who can provide their resources and expertise. What we do with those tools, though, is what sets us apart: we design and maintain creative wealth management solutions that take our clients to new heights.

What are your wealth and investment objectives?

We work with business leaders and investors across the United States and around the world as they face investment and wealth management challenges. Our job is to create investment plans that align with all your goals, including:

  • Control: maintaining control over the governance of your businesses, investment management decisions, and so on.
  • Compliance: supporting asset recording and reporting functions to maintain visibility and avoid penalties.
  • Scalability: creating fund structures and investment platforms that will grow with your wealth.
  • Flexibility: keeping you in a position to take advantage of new opportunities and protect against new potential liabilities.
  • Tax efficiency: minimizing tax liability across borders and generations to help you keep and pass on more of your wealth.
  • Philanthropy: we can advise on how to use your assets for maximum charitable impact, including resolving tax concerns, grants, and corporate governance questions.
  • Continuity: putting a succession and wealth transfer plan in place to manage and safeguard your assets if you are incapacitated or when it's time to pass on your wealth to the next generation.

To achieve these goals, we start by evaluating your current wealth management and wealth protection strategies to understand the key elements of your existing holdings. We then design comprehensive, cross-border wealth management solutions that consider your individual goals, assets, liabilities, and family dynamics. And we take care of the implementation of the plan, including accounting support, tax information, information reporting, and ongoing adjustments.

We'll help you take your wealth to the next level, by design

We understand the unique challenges that high-net-worth individuals and families face when managing their wealth, and we design practical, creative, and understandable solutions that achieve those goals. We understand that wealth management isn't just business; it's deeply personal, whether you built a business from the ground up or your wealth has been in your family for generations. That's why we get deeply invested in our clients and leverage our resources and expertise to ensure your continued success.

Where will your wealth take you next? Let's find out together. Contact DeWitt PLLC today to speak with a member of our team about your wealth and investment management opportunities.

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