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Strategic Tax Law & Minimization Attorney

Achieve your goals while reducing your tax liability

With the complex and constantly changing nature of the tax codes, it's normal for high-net-worth individuals and families to have more questions than answers. You may know your financial goals, but how do you achieve those goals while minimizing your tax liability?

With decades of experience in state, federal, and international tax law, we have the skills and resources you need. We are experts in structuring transactions on a cross-border basis to minimize tax liability and help you preserve and pass on your wealth.

We offer comprehensive and creative tax services to high-net-worth individuals and closely held family businesses. When done well, tax law is as much art as science: we are practical, business-oriented, sophisticated thinkers, and we take a creative approach to design the right tax solutions for you. Our goal isn't just to save you money. It's to put you in control of your assets and provide flexibility for your future goals.

You need an experienced international tax attorney

Any business that operates in multiple countries or owns property in multiple countries needs to consider the tax laws in each of those nations. Considering any nation's tax code is complicated enough, the implications of dealing with multiple countries' tax codes are exponentially more challenging.

Our job as your tax attorney is to ensure all your operations are in compliance and find legal methods to reduce your global tax liability. We are well-versed in U.S. and international tax laws and routinely partner with foreign tax counsel as necessary. Our services include:

  • Global tax minimization and legal tax avoidance
  • Maintaining compliance and avoiding tax evasion penalties
  • Review of business and asset structures to minimize tax liability
  • Updating tax plans in real-time as tax laws change in the United States and around the world
  • Immigration tax planning if you are planning on changing your country of residence
  • Estate tax planning and minimizing tax liability for your heirs and beneficiaries

Remember, our work is separate and distinct from your certified public accountant (CPA) or another tax professional. Their job is to ensure compliance and reporting at the end of the tax year. We come in at the beginning of the year to structure life's transactions in a manner that minimizes your liability and maximizes your financial flexibility.

Start protecting your wealth today

Ultimately, tax planning is one element of a broader wealth protection strategy – a very important element, to be sure, but not the entire strategy. We look at your financial goals holistically and see tax planning as part of the bigger picture. Our goal is not just to help you save money but to maximize your flexibility and control of your assets and empower you to pursue your goals.

Let's talk taxes. If you're ready to move forward with a comprehensive global tax minimization strategy, contact us today.

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