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Closely Held and Family Business Law

We advise on corporate and partnership structures, succession planning, and more

You've worked hard to build or maintain your family business. However, as businesses grow and families move from generation to generation, there are numerous challenges that emerge, many of which are legal in nature. The future is always uncertain, and that means the power of a plan is indispensable.

DeWitt PLLC advises family businesses and business owners on how to best achieve their financial and strategic goals. We're here to answer your questions, explain your options, and work with you to create business structures and continuity plans that will protect your wealth for generations to come.

Company finance and financial planning

Whether you're looking to grow your business or diversify your assets with new investment opportunities, we can advise on all aspects of your financial decisions. Our financial services include:

  • Structuring investments and business entities in a flexible, scalable, and transparent manner.
  • Valuing of privately held assets using a variety of valuation methodologies.
  • Protecting shareholders' interests with effective governance rules.
  • Measuring asset performance in a consolidated manner.
  • Maintaining tax efficiency by taking into account capital gains taxes, tax brackets, and both U.S. and international tax laws.

We can address all your questions around business tax issues, practices, governance, structure, and other aspects of your family company. We have extensive experience dealing with both business law and family dynamics as we create individualized family business plans, and we will oversee the implementation of your plans, taking into account the changing legal and financial environment.

Business continuity and succession planning

While it's sometimes an uncomfortable topic, every family business owner needs to be prepared for the day when they can no longer manage the business. Creating a robust succession plan isn't just about the future; it gives you the confidence to make business decisions and pursue investment opportunities in the present, knowing that your family's wealth is secure.

We have extensive experience in both estate planning and business succession planning, and we will bring our expertise to bear as we work with you to create a tailored business continuity plan. We understand how to create clear family governance and management structures, align business objectives with tax minimization, create robust financial reporting systems that support business transitions, and protect your family's privacy and confidentiality during challenging times.

Are you prepared for your children or grandchildren to step into their future roles in the family business? We can help you get there.

The experience investors and business owners need

With decades of experience working with U.S. and non-U.S. investors, family businesses, and family offices, we understand the unique challenges you're facing, and we are deeply invested in your success. Leveraging our resources and global network of business contacts, we know how to position closely held and family businesses for sustained success from generation to generation.

Let's talk about how DeWitt PLLC can help your family business face the challenges ahead. Give us a call or contact us online today.

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